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Sarah Grynberg is a keynote speaker and mindset coach who empowers brands, senior executives and businesses to reach new heights in their personal and professional lives helping them overcome unhelpful thinking and achieve greatness. With a wealth of experience and a unique approach, Sarah has become the go-to expert in the art of cultivating a powerful mindset.

Sarah's expertise extends to her work as an accomplished writer, focusing on the themes of mindset, mental resilience, and happiness. Her insights have helped countless individuals and businesses achieve greatness. Her expertise extends to live shows in front of packed audiences, where she has interviewed some of the world's most influential figures. She is also the creator and host of the internationally acclaimed podcast, ‘A Life of Greatness’, where she has had the privilege of interviewing notable personalities such as Matthew McConaughey, Geena Davis, Esther Perel, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Deepak Chopra, Olivia Newton-John, Daniel Ricciardo, Mel C, Mark Manson, Simon Sinek and many more.

She also has a supplementary podcast series, Sarah’s Greatness in which she answers listeners' questions around the power of kindness, finding purpose, habits for achieving greatness, how to stop caring what others think of you and the power of listening.

In addition to her coaching, broadcasting and writing, Sarah offers courses on manifesting your greatest life and has created guided meditations for both children and adults, available through her website

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