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Having grown up as one of eight children in a warm Zimbabwean family, Ralph Kahango's values are simple; family, friends and food. Ralph moved to Australia at the age of 17, achieved his Master of Accounting and worked for 5 years as a government auditor. Having built an impressive professional career, Ralph now wants to conquer food. 


For Ralph, food is how he relaxes and connects with friends and family. It's a passion passed down from his mum, who he recalls working tirelessly to feed their big family. Ralph's mum is his biggest inspiration, but his siblings aren't far behind, having helped his understanding of flavours and pushed him to apply for MasterChef. 


Ralph approaches food as a language of love, much like it is back home in Zimbabwe. He refined his skills by observing the work of Marco Pierre White, watching YouTube tutorials, recreating restaurant dishes and investing in cookbooks. 


On MasterChef, Ralph is no stranger to showing off. His pastas never failed to impress, and his loud-and-proud personality makes him one of the brightest stars in the kitchen. 


Ralph's favourite cuisines are Zimbabwean and Italian, and his family, large social group, regular dining scene, love of basketball and keen interest in music all inform his creativity in the kitchen.

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