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Before becoming a household name, new judge and style guru on Channel Seven’s House Rules, Kyly completed her first television commercial at the tender age of eight. Before Kyly landed her dream TV role she embarked on several different careers within the entertainment industry including being a presenter for The Weather Channel. When looking at buying an investment property Kyly was asked by a real estate agent if she was a professional stylist as she was giving him advice on how to style the home better to sell it. It was the realisation that not only was she good at dressing up a home but that it was something that came naturally to her, which spurred her into studying interior design at Sydney Design School in 2010, graduating in 2011.

Launching her own successful design business, Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke in 2015 to renovate houses into homes that resonate with their owners, Kyly also founded her own luxurious candle and diffuser collection under the same multi-discipline design company.

Recalling some of her favourite childhood memories as styling her own dance outfits with her mother, and helping her dad blueprint an engine on a go-kart, and learning how to restore old homes, it’s hardly surprising Kyly enjoys both the technical and aesthetic side of interior designing. “I started to learn at a young age about colour palettes, scale and how certain things look together,” she confirms. “And that’s really what interiors are on the prosthetic front.”

Thrilled to be working alongside fellow judges Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and Saul Myers on House Rules, Kyly is hoping this year’s contestants will interpret the rules in their own way. “That’s where the creativity, charisma and charm come from,” she articulates. “Being able to play with the interior space they are working with and turn it into something that plays with the rules.”

Kyly is happy to be seen as a “nice” judge who will give positive criticism when it is needed, she hopes her feedback will give the teams the potential to express themselves and design talents better the next time around “because there’s always more than one interior design option available to them”.

When Kyly is not busy designing homes for her clients she can be found at the gym or whipping up scrumptious meals in her kitchen.


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