Born in New Delhi, Depinder Chhibber moved to Newcastle at the age of 11. Now based in Sydney, she

still considers herself a Novocastrian, but her heart and soul remains in India.

Highly influenced by the women in her family, Depinder grew up watching her grandmother, mum and

aunties cook, fascinating and inspiring her to cook from a very young age. This involvement has

nurtured her style of cooking, learning many traditional recipes from her mother and her passion to cook

from her father.

Having followed in her father’s footsteps to become a pharmacist and currently studying for her Masters,

Depinder enjoys her career. However, cooking is a passion that she can’t ignore and as a self-taught

baker, she adores cooking pastry and desserts with much of her free time spent reading recipes and

daydreaming about cooking experiments.

Inspired by Indian and South-East Asian flavours, the talented cook made a name for herself in the

MasterChef 2021 kitchen creating dishes that were inspired by her Indian culture.

Depinder's ability to create and inspire in the kitchen are just a few of her strengths and with the ultimate

dream to write a recipe book showcasing Indian fusion cuisine, Depinder is one to watch!

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